The knowledge management and information management sectors are thriving fields which offer fantastic opportunities for career development. Explore Knowledge Management Jobs today!

The work focuses on retrieving the right knowledge at the right time, with knowledge management specialists working to source, compile and bring together knowledge resulting in huge benefits for a wide range of commercial and non-commercial organisations. This type of work uses explicit, implicit and tacit knowledge to help businesses perform optimally, whether that’s helping find efficiencies in existing processes or developing new strategies for more effective and collaborative working practices.

Clients are extremely varied and include global professional services firms, strategy consultancies, top law practices, government departments, engineering firms and many blue chip corporates. It’s a career path that gives you the chance to work in technical or non-technical roles, but you’ll always be using your expertise in knowledge management to help companies succeed.

Knowledge management professionals are in high demand

Data is becoming more important than ever, with businesses harnessing vast amounts of information to help guide decision-making processes. With so much data available, it takes knowledge management professionals to effectively compile and make sense of all of the information at hand. They are experienced in using and developing knowledge systems and platforms such as SharePoint, to achieve more effective knowledge sharing within the organisation.

Knowledge management professionals are in high demand because they have the skills required to make data more useful. Some of the vacancies we deal with include:

  • Director of Knowledge Systems
  • Knowledge Lawyer
  • Head of Knowledge Management
  • Senior Innovation Manager
  • Knowledge & Collaboration Manager
  • Intranet Manager
  • Technology Adoption Manager
  • Knowledge Analyst
  • Knowledge Coordinator
  • Knowledge Assistant

How we can help

At Glen Recruitment, our goal is to connect organisations with knowledge and information professionals to create a harmonious relationship between employees and employers. We’ve got over 25 years of industry experience, which allows us to find the perfect roles for your specialities and preferences. We have established an extensive network of client companies who seek our help with their specialist knowledge management jobs, so do contact us for our advice and assistance in searching out your next job.

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