Knowledge management refers to a relatively new integrated business approach – one which encompasses the collection and use of knowledge to continuously improve an organisation and help it reach specific goals.

With the help of talent who know how to leverage this knowledge in a way that maximises profits, your company is able to reach new heights, no matter its size.

At Glen Recruitment, we connect high-quality candidates all over the world with companies or executives able to use their skills. These professionals assess their workplace and collect information about its usual practices to determine where there’s room for improvement.

What is knowledge management?

There are various job titles that come under this particular field, including Chief Knowledge Officer, Director of Knowledge Systems, Knowledge Analyst and more. Our rigorous recruitment process allows us to examine the available pool of employees who meet your unique requirements.

Why choose Glen Recruitment?

We look for specific knowledge management skills when assessing potential recruits, such as their familiarity with relevant software such as SharePoint or experience with company analytics software. Regardless of their exact job title, knowledge managers of all kinds aim to understand their own workplace at a far deeper level than most other employees.

As a key part of this approach, they might compile reports of their findings and outline recommendations to a business executive who ultimately determines if they should take action. By choosing Glen Recruitment to help you gain a knowledge expert proficient in your industry, you can guarantee that you receive a high-quality new hire.