Whether you’re experienced in library customer service or information management, at Glen Recruitment, we have library and information roles in a huge number of sectors and industries across the UK.

Library and information specialists are responsible for collecting, curating, storing and managing data and information for organisations in both the public and private sectors. They ensure that data is stored safely and manage data labelling and access to ensure it’s easy to find when it’s needed. Library and information professionals curate and manage more than just books: they’re also responsible for managing archives, digital data and corporate information.

Many professionals in the library and information sector have industry qualifications and certificates, such as those awarded by The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). Master’s degrees in Librarianship or Library and Information Studies may also equip candidates with the skills they need to flourish in this career path. If you’re an experienced librarian or information management professional, we can match you with rewarding jobs across the UK in sectors as varied as banking, law, property, pharmaceutical, executive search, academic and government. Our roles in library and information management are suitable for professionals at all stages of their careers, from entry level information assistant roles to senior information management positions.

At Glen Recruitment, we have the experience and reach to connect candidates with employers in a huge range of sectors in information management and librarianship. As well as helping you with your CV and covering summary for job applications we can notify you when suitable jobs emerge in line with what you seek in your next role.

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