Research and analysis are core aspects of any business strategy, and roles which specialise in these fields allow a company to create a comprehensive long-term plan.

Organisations rely upon research and analysis to gain a clear understanding of which direction they could go to maintain maximum profitability.

Data is at the heart of these positions, as each action a firm takes creates internal information which professional company researchers can assess. This typically involves using qualitative and quantitative data including quarterly returns, marketing campaigns, and much more to figure out the company’s strengths, and how the firm can capitalise upon them.

What are research and analysis jobs?

It’s important that your organisation has top talent available who can ensure every process is both high-quality and consistent. Examples of research and analysis positions include Head of Research, Senior Analyst, Director of Analysis, Research Director and more.

These roles often have a responsibility to convey complicated data in a simple way, usually to other team members and company executives, so they can decide the right approach to take. Glen Recruitment helps companies across every industry find new hires who revitalise their operations and recruiting a researcher or analyst could be exactly what the firm needs to make the best business choices.

Why choose Glen Recruitment?

Our recruitment service allows you to set your own requirements or preferences for candidates, including their experience or any specific skills. Many of these roles are relatively high in the company hierarchy, so it helps to only look for people with plenty of experience in researching the market you specialise in. Depending upon the exact role your company’s hoping to fill, the desired skills may include communication, data analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management. At Glen Recruitment, we use your firm’s unique culture and selection criteria to find an analyst or researcher who can take the company to new heights.