Glen Recruitment supports companies across the country with comprehensive Legal Tech recruitment.

When the average person thinks about the legal sector, old-fashioned courtrooms probably spring to mind. As such, the importance of comprehensive legal technology is probably lost on them, but legal firms know just how important having a technical edge over their rivals can be, serving as the difference between winning and losing business or clients.

Legal tech is a broad industry with plenty of roles, all requiring thorough recruitment services. Some of the more common vacancies include:

  • Head of Innovation
  • Knowledge Management Systems Manager
  • Innovation Project Manager
  • Legal Transformation Manager
  • Technology Adoption Manager
  • Document Automation Manager
  • Legal Automation Consultant
  • Knowledge Engineer
  • Knowledge Systems Analyst
  • Innovation Analyst
  • Legal Operations Analyst
  • Legal Engineer

There are a wide range of major skills and competencies which each of these roles requires. Glen Recruitment screens candidates depending on the specific needs of each position and the skillset and level of relevant candidate work experience required.

To find the ideal Legal Tech recruits for your company, contact the Glen Recruitment team today. Letting our team know your company’s specific needs means that we can find an ideal hire quickly and easily, integrating them into your team in a timely manner and evolving your Legal Technology competencies.