Here at Glen Recruitment, we offer a range of recruitment services, providing employers with a selection of candidates who work in a variety of sectors. One of these key sectors is information management.

Information management is a sector that is becoming increasingly important. Companies generate more and more data about clients, storing it in increasingly complex formats and across a range of storage solutions. With regulations becoming more intricate around data management and usage, perfecting your information management is a fundamental part of gaining a competitive edge over rival companies.

There is an abundance of positions available in the information management sector, each of which uses a unique set of skills and traits. Some of these roles include:

  • Head of Information Services
  • Information Manager
  • Information Analyst
  • Information Specialist
  • Information Executive
  • Information Officer
  • Data Architect
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Graduate Information Trainee

When recruiters look for candidates for these roles, they are searching for a balance of key skills and traits. Having technical proficiency is a significant advantage since this limits the amount of time that candidates spend training for their respective roles. However, soft skills are equally as important. Good organisation means that there is a far lower chance of falling foul of data protection regulations, whilst skills such as problem-solving mean that candidates can find unique and innovative responses to keep the company competitive. Better information management puts you on the right track for years to come, and that all starts with recruiting experienced members of staff into your team.

If you’re looking for recruitment services to keep your company competitive in an increasingly data-driven age do contact the Glen Recruitment team today. We find candidates for companies in a range of industries and support your organisation’s specific needs, working closely with firms to find the perfect candidate every time.